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The Crown

While in the library, a scratching noise draws your attention to the bookcases. Many of the books have been damaged, their pages littering the floor, but there is one bookcase that has been untouched.

Upon closer inspection, you notice there is a book titled Believathon. You grab it and try to pull it out. Instead, it jams. You hear a click, and the bookcase opens.

It’s a secret room. It’s filled with cobwebs, but something glittering steals your attention.

Play the video to hear the reading challenge.

In order to receive the crown, you must read a book set in another world.

Once you have completed your reading challenge, be sure to fill in this form with the book you read! Alternatively, if you work in a school, then fill in this form instead.

Prompt Recommendations

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Soman Chainani is the bestselling author of The School for Good and Evil series. First starting in 2013, the series has gone on to sell more than 2.5 million copies worldwide, as well as instant debuts on the New York Times Bestseller List for all six books in the series. The sixth and final book, One True King, was published in 2020. It was also announced in 2020 that The School for Good and Evil will be made into a Netflix Original Movie. Chainani is also a graduate of Harvard University and Columbia University’s MFA Film Program, and begun his career as a screenwriter and director before moving into writing children’s fiction.

Participants of Believathon 3 will receive double points for completing a book by Soman Chainani as part of their reading challenges.

Soman Chainani Bibliography

Click on any of the book titles below to be taken to the Goodreads page and add the books to your shelves!

The School for Good and Evil Series (2013-2020)

  1. The School for Good and Evil (2013)
  2. A World Without Princes (2014)
  3. The Last Ever After (2015)
  4. Quests for Glory (2017)
  5. A Crystal of Time (2019)
  6. One True King (2020)

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