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The Scream

Outside, you hear a blood-curdling scream.

When you run outside, you see a strange fog has surrounded the Manor of Make-Believathon – and there’s something – no! – many things moving within it. They’re heading towards the graveyard.

You follow them with the protection of your flashlight as they seem to be repulsed by the light.

They surround a tomb with a skull laying atop it, locked in a scream.

Play the video to hear the reading challenge.

In order to receive the scream, you must listen to an audiobook, or read a book out loud. If you don’t wish to read a book out loud, or have access to audiobooks, then you can use this prompt as free rein to choose whatever you would like.

Once you have completed your reading challenge, be sure to fill in this form with the book you read! Alternatively, if you work in a school, then fill in this form instead.

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Vashti Hardy is a children’s author living in Sussex, and has previously worked as a primary school teacher. Hardy has a first-class honours teaching degree with English specialism, and an MA in creative writing. In 2018, Hardy’s debut, Brightstorm, was released and quickly shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize and other awards. Brightstorm was soon followed by a sequel, Darkwhispers, in 2020. In 2019, WildSpark was released and went on to win the Blue Peter Award for Best Story in 2020. Also in 2020, Barrington Stoke published The Griffin Gate, a dyslexia-friendly book about a map that transports Grace to a remote village to answer a distress call.

Participants of Believathon 3 will receive double points for completing a book by Vashti Hardy as part of their reading challenges.

Vashti Hardy Bibliography

Click on any of the book titles below to be taken to the Goodreads page and add the books to your shelves!

The Brightstorm Adventures (2018-present)

  1. Brightstorm (2018)
  2. Darkwhispers (2020)

Other Novels

  1. WildSpark (2019)

Dyslexia Friendly Books

  1. The Griffin Gate (2020)

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