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The Shadow

What’s that? There it is again! Is there someone behind you? Is it the villain? Is it the person who stole the Maleficarum?

It’s hard to tell when there are shadows everywhere! They surround you and hound you and the only place to run is the dining room.

Inside, there is only one shadow and it challenges you. Do you want to know who the villain is? Do you want the final clue that will help you solve the mystery?

Play the video to hear the reading challenge.

In order to collect the shadow, you must read a book that was first published in 2020.

Once you have completed your reading challenge, be sure to fill in this form with the book you read! Alternatively, if you work in a school, then fill in this form instead.

Prompt Recommendations

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Rena Barron is an author of both middle grade and young adult fiction. Barron’s debut novel was published in 2019 under the name of Kingdom of Souls, beginning an epic trilogy. The film rights to the first book were sold to Warner Bros. with Michael B. Jordan producing and Misan Sagay writing the screenplay. The anticipated sequel, Reaper of Souls, will be published in 2021. Barron’s middle grade debut comes in the form of Maya and the Rising Dark. Published September 2020, it is the start of a contemporary fantasy trilogy set in Chicago. The sequel, Maya and the Return of the Godlings, is scheduled for release in 2021.

Participants of Believathon 3 will receive double points for completing a book by Rena Barron as part of their reading challenges.

Rena Barron Bibliography

Click on any of the book titles below to be taken to the Goodreads page and add the books to your shelves!

Maya and the Rising Dark (2020-present)

  1. Maya and the Rising Dark (2020)
  2. Maya and the Return of the Godlings (2021)

Rena Barron has also written books for young adults. Although they will not count for Believathon, I wanted to include them here:

Young Adult Books

Kingdom of Souls Trilogy (2019-present)

  1. Kingdom of Souls (2019)
  2. Reaper of Souls (2021)

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